Passport2Housing has been created to help people access rented housing – and, once there, to sustain a successful tenancy.

Passport2Housing is a new digital twist on a proven training programme designed to empower tenants and equip them with the knowledge and skills to navigate their new homes and communities effectively. With a focus on demystifying the often complex world of social housing, this innovative digital tool aims to foster a sense of belonging and confidence among tenants, enabling them to become active participants in their communities.

Based on the successful project from the training rooms in Lancashire. We have adapted it to be an interactive service that combines entertaining animation and delivery that reflects the organisation, its people and the service users, all packed in a transformative app revolutionising how new social housing tenants approach their tenancy experience. The app equips individuals with the knowledge and confidence needed to thrive in their new homes by offering comprehensive training modules, fostering community engagement, and providing personalised guidance. Passport2Housing empowers tenants, strengthens communities, and paves the way for a more inclusive and supportive social housing sector.


Fostering Community Engagement and Networking

One of the critical features of Passport2Housing is its comprehensive training modules. These modules cover topics crucial to social housing residents' well-being and successful tenancy. By providing valuable information on tenancy rights, responsibilities, property maintenance, rent payment management, neighbourhood integration, and community resources, the app ensures tenants access the essential knowledge they need to thrive in their new homes.

An Inclusive and Personalised Approach

We can create unique videos that reflect your staff members, using their voices and characters, so there is a local familiarity to the user of the application ensuring the delivery represents local communities and cultures. The content is always co-designed. This involves agreeing with characterisation and script.

The messages need to be formal and correct, but you will help to design the tone of delivery, the depth of the legal framework and the inclusion of local services and service offers. We are always conscious that when we deliver draft scripts, the content can be valid for a reasonable period of time.

Training Devised To Help Tenant Succeed

Suitable for all potential tenants at application, move-on from temporary housing or as part of tenancy sign-up, the
programme commonly consists of:

• Accessing Tenancies
• The Contract
• Rights and Responsibilities
• Money and the Affordable Home
• Maintenance of the Property
• Community and Engagement

The programme asks a series of questions that help to embed confidence and knowledge before completion of the
programme, leads to the Passport itself – designed to support applications to either social or private landlords.

Although you can adapt the training to suit your business needs.

Our Clients Speak

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Sharon Buchanan

Rosehill Housing Glasgow
The Tenants Hub team are great to work with, they have listened to what we wanted and built a system that delivers what we need.
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Linda Chelton

Craigdale Housing Association , Glasgow
It’s a great platform, that has a useful tool for Estate Management. The team are great to work with and nothing is too much trouble, I would highly recommend.
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Michael Hill

Business Development Manager
Throughout the project, Simon has been attentive, patient, solution-orientated, and focussed on helping deliver real solutions that work for us.


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